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    Online, On-Demand Solid Waste Training. Save Money. Train Smarter.

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    Florida's Pioneer in Online Solid Waste Education

  • Superior Training and Unmatched Support

    We provide a world-class learning environment and provide unparalleled service to our students and partners.


    Waste University benefits recycling facility operators, landfill operators, program managers, regulators, waste screeners, and spotters through training on both fundamental and cutting-edge solid waste and recycling topics. Waste University helps to build a smarter and more sophisticated operations community while saving you time and budget on training matters.

  • What are the Benefits of Waste University's Innovative Online Training?

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    Cost Savings

    Cut Your Training Costs in Half.

    We are the pioneer in online learning, and our on-demand, convenient platform has saved our students tens of thousands of dollars since our launch in 2013.

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    Continuous Content Improvements

    The next generation in training

    Continuous improvement is in our DNA, constantly building out new learning content and using the most advanced platforms to deliver a superior learning environment that always reflects the state-of-the-practice. We use dynamic content with tons of photos, videos, and interactive exercises to engage our students and enhance the learning experience. Access our courses anywhere you have a computer and a high-speed internet connection.

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    Train Anytime, Anywhere

    Our online courses are available on demand, 24/7. No more scheduling headaches or sending people off site. We support you every step of the way.

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    Top Rated

    Thousands of our students agree - they love us!

    We are passionate about our student experience. More than 90% of our students rated our courses as superior to training they received in the past.

  • Testimonials

    We are the #1 Online Solid Waste Training Provider in Florida - with good cause. Students and managers point to our top-rated learning experience, service, convenience, and low costs.

    Best training ever.

    Commented by dozens of Waste University students in 2019, based on submitted reviews.

    We will use Waste University for all of our training needs.

    D.G., County Solid Waste Manager and Industry Innovator

    We loved the interactive nature and convenience of the courses. The flexibility to get many or a few people trained at once was huge. Best of all, we are saving a ton of money on our training costs by avoiding travel and the always-on nature of Waste University's platform!

    D.O., Solid Waste Director of Large Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility

    Thank you for the recent online courses I have taken. I learned new techniques and some important information along the way. Thank you for a job well done.

    G.H., Senior Field Technician and 30-Year Industry Veteran

    I am very pleased with Waste University. Your current courses and future courses will be our choice for certifications in the future.

    R.R., County Solid Waste Director

    Thanks again for providing a great training tool. I recommend this method, especially as a refresher for experienced operators.

    C.P., Public Works Division Manager

    The program is awesome. I had one student who hadn't used a computer in 10 years and he had no problems going through the course. The advantage of going back and view a section again was a huge plus.

    D.S., County Solid Waste Program Coordinator